Everything Being 2-sided

Ever looked deep into what it means by the saying ‘life is two-way-traffic’? of cause the context in which it is applied really matters. On a general view, this line of words really has a lot of insights in it. I will touch on a few.

Tall and short

When do you say something is tall? is it because it is several feet high, and you cannot reach it or perhaps it is simply the tallest thing you have ever seen?

Image result for good
Something being good

Oh! I almost forgot, when do you consider something good? is it because it is as shiny as gold looks, or is it as comfortable as we would like many of our zones to be?

iStinking rich!

I also hear some people say so and so is stinking rich. But I don’t understand, wait! is it because they are the first to own private jets? or they own some gold mines somewhere, or ride in different car models every day of the month?

Well, I really thought, something is tall just because the other is short. Something is good because the other is bad and being rich only explains that the other person is poor. Because how then will we know tall yet we have never seen short, or describe good as good and cannot add meaning to bad. We only tell that someone is rich because we have seen a poor person and know what it means by living in poverty…

Hope you now have food for thought. thanks for reading and until next time, I bid you farewell and please share with friends.

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