Better is the Way

Which way would you like to go!

Being a language lover, this morning something really hit me so hard. It is from a conversation I was following in one of my favorite Sunday television shows. It is something to do with some adjectives we are all fond using. These are BAD, GOOD, BETTER and BEST.

This is all about how we use these words and with reference to ourselves. In most cases, we first gauge ourselves. If it is something we are not good at, we quickly brand ourselves ‘BAD’ at whatever it is. If we are sure of ourselves we say we are the ‘BEST’. BETTER & GOOD are rarely used. Well, here is something to consider.

I don’t really like this term because all it is about is negativity. Life led with negativity is always leading to failure. Many people focus on the bad things about themselves, forgetting that it is only then that those around you notice whatever you think it is wrong with you. A good example I will use here is when you walk to a function meet a friend and you first question becomes, “have I added too much weight?” It is from this moment that your friend starts focusing on your weight and realizes that there is something about you to do with weight, something that in the first place they did not even have in mind.

This is usually used with a lot of reservations as if though it is not meant for us. It is common to hear that so and so is good at something, really good, why not you?

Now sounds like this is who we are. At this position we look at ourselves like we are the unbeatable heroes. Some even call themselves good just to enjoy the feeling brought by the name ‘best’.

This should the best adjective to use for ourselves and i will tell you why. Looking at yourself as BETTER, is a way of reminding you that as people look at the other person as good, you are always better than that. On the other hand being better means you are not the best and it is for that reason you will be pushed to work harder to better your current position and even make your better much better. I think this is a life hack. Best means one has contentment and satisfaction at what they have and where they are. Better means there is a space that can accommodate much more hard work to achieve best.

Better is the way.

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