A life spring.

Life starts at conception. For everyone that is the beginning of struggles. One has to strive to obtain as much nutrients as possible from the mother just to sustain growth and development. Days go by and one born, this becomes yet another page of experience in a person’s book on life. A lot of struggles again. Lungs exposed to oxygen right from the source not as refined as it was the case while in the mothers womb, diseases and infections here and there, mama sometimes is so busy to give all the attention, these are just but to mention some of the challenges a newly born child has to face. Life is struggles.

Movement starts

Moving starts by crawling, that is, motion on FOUR and as per the dictates of life and an aspect of development. By nature, it is a calling to always go after that which we seek. The body muscles and bones then develop to enable a young child crawl everywhere, playing with their toys and some times even go after the mother when they feel she has been away to so long that the belly can withstand hunger no more.

Again after some times the needs for a young one increase. There comes need to pick their toy from the table where it is normally considered ‘out of reach of babies’. Soon follows attempts to stand by the supports of furniture and any other stuff that can buy them the support, enabling them to stand on TWO. With time the young child masters the art and before long they are able to stand and walk by themselves.

Image result for toddler
For a long time in a person’s life movement remains on TWO.

For a long time, and generally many people spend the better part of their lives with normal movement routine and that is walking to wherever their legs should carry them.

Age catches up with you before you realize and for some people, they really feel ashamed telling others that they are in their 80’s. (For them I will say “Old is Gold”) Muscle become weak and for movement again arises the need for support and it is here that we introduce a THIRD leg, ‘walking-stick’. Many people at old age walk with the help of a walking stick.

Image result for old man walking
Walking is by the aid of a walking stick

This article explains the 4-2-3 sequence.

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