It is a decision made for us

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it had been made

Have you ever felt like everything just happened and it is so unfair that no one even cares what you think or at least considers your point of view? Well, that must be the case with many of our families. sometimes you look at the situation around you and everything taking course there and you feel like you really don’t belong there. at other times you really feel like, why only you and not your friends? I am sure, you must be feeling like something should be done. It is okay to feel like that but just make sure this ‘something’ is not stupid.

As we grow up or some at an early age, are able to notice everything about our surrounding. Especially when we start making comparizons, and trying to ask yourself why your family is not like those other families you know of. It is at this time that you look at your mama and notice she doesn’t have a full time employment at an office and instead just sells some tea at a kiosk to earn a living. Also, you notice that father doesn’t wake up early everyday to go to some office but instead digs peoples farms to at least make some money for supporting the family. That is even better, for worse is when all the parents are drunkards and don’t even remember they have a family. When it comes to wars and conflicts between the parents, it becomes the worst for you, as it would lead you to wishing that you really never would have existed in the first place to accommodate all that. But, wait! Are wishes not horses? NO! For if they were, then definitely beggars would ride.
I am sure it must be at about the same time that you look at your elder siblings and see how most of them add meaning failure or did drop out of school for reasons better not mentioned. You then start looking at yourself with the same inadequacies and an eye more focused on the negatives than any good

you just wish everything happened your way

When we look around and all we see is failure or mediocrity, we start feeling like ‘I surely don’t belong here’. You ask yourself why mother and father didn’t consult you before having you join the family as their daughter or son. many begrudge their parents for that. IT IS A DECISION MADE FOR YOU. Considering that you can’t reverse it, only makes it worse.

Dear, hear it from me today that our families are our crosses to bare. We can’t escape from it, as the only exit is when we breathe our last. It is not like you had a choice being in that family but you only realized when it all had happened and that you are a member tied with blood. Getting to terms with that fact is going to make things really easy for you. Because once you notice the things going on around in your family and it feels like no one else has noticed them, then it becomes your calling to ignite a change. How? It starts by being the good son or daughter, then follows showing your siblings the way to go, being a good example and working hard to improve the family status. When you get to supporting your parents to keep the family going, then before you realize you will have made your family what you ever wanted it to look like.

Help make things look better. Offer your support

Every child have their purpose in the family. It doesn’t matter whether you are the last or the first born. Key is accepting that, it is your family, embracing that and striving to make it the best at your own capacity.

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