Life situation expressed mathematically

Hello, reader! It is great having you read my blog and for a reason or another, it is for you that I keep writing. Thanks for being here!

Two days ago I did post a blog that was more like puzzle and promised to give the answer after two days, that is 72 hours. This blog is to respond to that. Just for those new to my site here is the puzzle;

Me & I + ___________________ = We & Us (complete the expression)

Before I respond, allow me to thank those that made an attempt or at least shared with others.


is SUCCESS or any other word that implies making it in life or whatever one is doing. (Many did not expect that to come). But look at it for a moment it will soon make sense.
We all at a point in our lives been in a situation where everything stops working. A point where misfortunes pay us a visit regularly, when odds go against us and we would wish that the world stops and wait for us with our struggles. If your have been to this situation then you will understand that in many cases you go through all these alone, all by yourself as if you have no friends or sometimes family. The truth is, when suffering knocks, your friends exit, walk out on you and before you know, it is your against the world hence (ME & I)

Image result for loneliness
when you are all alone and has no one by your side, except suffering and misfortune

I like the way some of us are just so resilient, persistent and enduring. (We should all emulate that). They understand better to keep moving no matter how messed up their lives are. Soon they get themselves back on the lane and the race continues. After some time they are able to meet whatever they have been seeking, (SUCCESS comes their way). It is now that friends come knocking again, seeking accommodation and just enjoy your success. That is it. Many people like associating themselves with success and if you seem to possess even a small bit, you will be the most attractive person they want to be around, hence (WE & US)

Image result for success
Everyone comes to have a taste the moment you get hold of this cup

Thanks for reading. Hope you are able to walk home with something worth sharing. Please share with friends or just tell a friend to tell a friend.

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