The gift of loving

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Have you ever taken time to think about what love is?

Love is simply a strong affection, a profound affection towards someone or a feeling of care and mercy towards people or living beings in general.

Love may come in very different forms depending on those involved. This brings about a sub-topic of the various types of love. Below is a briefing on some of the types of love according the Ancient Greek.

Types of love

“Eros” also Erotic love- a passionate and intense type of love that arouses romantic and sexual feelings

“Philia” also affectionate love- a type of love that is felt among people or friends who have endured hard times together.

“Storge” or familiar love- is to do with kinship and familiarity. It is a form of affection that often flows between parents and their children or longtime friends.

“Ludus” or playful love- the feeling we have when we go through the early stages of falling in love with someone e.g. teasing and flirting (related to erotic love)

“Mania” or obsessive love- occurs as a result of imbalanced eros and lodus, leading into a type of madness and obsessiveness.

“Pragma” or enduring love- this is a love that has aged, matured and developed over time leading to a unique harmony that has formed over time. Normally common in married couples, who have lived together for a long period of time or a friendship that has endured for several years.

“Philautia” or self-love- established from the basis ‘charity begins at home’. For one to care for others, we must start by loving ourselves (not for self-gain and greediness). It explains that you can only love others if you have learned the art of loving yourself and appreciating what you are.

“Agape” or selfless love- in other terms we may call it spiritual love. It is unconditional love, bigger than ourselves, a boundless compassion or an infinite apathy.

Having known the various types of love is not enough. We have to look into the general value of love. And this sets a chain of questions rolling e.g. where can we find love? Of what good is love? How and what can we achieve from love? Just to mention but are some of these queries.

To start with, love is intangible and neither can it be heard but the feeling is just so great. Studying someone’s actions is the best way to determine the extent and presence of love. Love can clearly be seen in actions.

So then, what good can we achieve from love? Love is indeed a blessing that only those affected will always appreciate. Love is very powerful and this is confirmed by its impact. Below are some of the good we achieve from love at different levels

Love shapes our lives

Through love we know what to do and what not to do. Especially if these actions will affect those we love. It is natural that before we hurt our loved ones, emotionally or physically, we stop to think about the aftermath, a feeling of “no! This is wrong”. This is because we care about those we love so much that we can’t stand seeing them at their worst status because of our actions. This is because of love. It therefore shapes someone’s actions.

Love brings peace

Without love never talk about peace. This is because love prepares way for peace. And because of this, the world can only be a peaceful home for the humans if we learn to master the art of loving. View it from this angle: if we abandon PEACE then it means we have befriended VIOLENCE, WAR AND DISRUPTION. But what if we had love among us? Can we battle with those we love? This explains it all. Love attracts peace.

Love preserves mankind

Humans own the world. That is a fact because The Creator gave man all the responsibilities over the earth. It is the humans who maintain or destroy the world. Who then can destroy the mankind? It is the man himself. And here the terrorists and brutal killers are to blame. They kill innocent people and destroy property for no reason. They themselves also claim to be human beings. Yes they are, but only lack humane. Love breeds humane. If terrorists were loving, then why would they compete in destroying lives?

Diseases also kill so many people on a daily basis. But because of love for human kind, scientists burn the midnight oil finding cures. These endless efforts are because of love and desire to preserve the human race.

The list is endless. But the truth is that love is like an invisible rock that makes the earth just like other rocks. Unfortunately, terrorists and racists among others of inhuman intentions work so hard to explode this rock and see it weather into dust and sink into the oceans of the world. Love is so expensive that it cannot be exchanged for any estimated amount of money.

We invite love, we will never hear of, tribalism, nepotism, racism, gender discrimination, corruption, rape cases, terrorism, inter-country warfare e.t.c.

The secret is, the moment we welcome love into our homes, then we will have all that we desire. With love travels peace and harmony, success, wealth and prosperity.

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