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This is one of my best piece of art work, inspired by Simon Nisha

Everything Being 2-sided

Ever looked deep into what it means by the saying ‘life is two-way-traffic’? of cause the context in which it is applied really matters. On a general view, this line of words really has a lot of insights in it. I will touch on a few.

Tall and short

When do you say something is tall? is it because it is several feet high, and you cannot reach it or perhaps it is simply the tallest thing you have ever seen?

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Something being good

Oh! I almost forgot, when do you consider something good? is it because it is as shiny as gold looks, or is it as comfortable as we would like many of our zones to be?

iStinking rich!

I also hear some people say so and so is stinking rich. But I don’t understand, wait! is it because they are the first to own private jets? or they own some gold mines somewhere, or ride in different car models every day of the month?

Well, I really thought, something is tall just because the other is short. Something is good because the other is bad and being rich only explains that the other person is poor. Because how then will we know tall yet we have never seen short, or describe good as good and cannot add meaning to bad. We only tell that someone is rich because we have seen a poor person and know what it means by living in poverty…

Hope you now have food for thought. thanks for reading and until next time, I bid you farewell and please share with friends.

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Better is the Way

Which way would you like to go!

Being a language lover, this morning something really hit me so hard. It is from a conversation I was following in one of my favorite Sunday television shows. It is something to do with some adjectives we are all fond using. These are BAD, GOOD, BETTER and BEST.

This is all about how we use these words and with reference to ourselves. In most cases, we first gauge ourselves. If it is something we are not good at, we quickly brand ourselves ‘BAD’ at whatever it is. If we are sure of ourselves we say we are the ‘BEST’. BETTER & GOOD are rarely used. Well, here is something to consider.

I don’t really like this term because all it is about is negativity. Life led with negativity is always leading to failure. Many people focus on the bad things about themselves, forgetting that it is only then that those around you notice whatever you think it is wrong with you. A good example I will use here is when you walk to a function meet a friend and you first question becomes, “have I added too much weight?” It is from this moment that your friend starts focusing on your weight and realizes that there is something about you to do with weight, something that in the first place they did not even have in mind.

This is usually used with a lot of reservations as if though it is not meant for us. It is common to hear that so and so is good at something, really good, why not you?

Now sounds like this is who we are. At this position we look at ourselves like we are the unbeatable heroes. Some even call themselves good just to enjoy the feeling brought by the name ‘best’.

This should the best adjective to use for ourselves and i will tell you why. Looking at yourself as BETTER, is a way of reminding you that as people look at the other person as good, you are always better than that. On the other hand being better means you are not the best and it is for that reason you will be pushed to work harder to better your current position and even make your better much better. I think this is a life hack. Best means one has contentment and satisfaction at what they have and where they are. Better means there is a space that can accommodate much more hard work to achieve best.

Better is the way.

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A life spring.

Life starts at conception. For everyone that is the beginning of struggles. One has to strive to obtain as much nutrients as possible from the mother just to sustain growth and development. Days go by and one born, this becomes yet another page of experience in a person’s book on life. A lot of struggles again. Lungs exposed to oxygen right from the source not as refined as it was the case while in the mothers womb, diseases and infections here and there, mama sometimes is so busy to give all the attention, these are just but to mention some of the challenges a newly born child has to face. Life is struggles.

Movement starts

Moving starts by crawling, that is, motion on FOUR and as per the dictates of life and an aspect of development. By nature, it is a calling to always go after that which we seek. The body muscles and bones then develop to enable a young child crawl everywhere, playing with their toys and some times even go after the mother when they feel she has been away to so long that the belly can withstand hunger no more.

Again after some times the needs for a young one increase. There comes need to pick their toy from the table where it is normally considered ‘out of reach of babies’. Soon follows attempts to stand by the supports of furniture and any other stuff that can buy them the support, enabling them to stand on TWO. With time the young child masters the art and before long they are able to stand and walk by themselves.

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For a long time in a person’s life movement remains on TWO.

For a long time, and generally many people spend the better part of their lives with normal movement routine and that is walking to wherever their legs should carry them.

Age catches up with you before you realize and for some people, they really feel ashamed telling others that they are in their 80’s. (For them I will say “Old is Gold”) Muscle become weak and for movement again arises the need for support and it is here that we introduce a THIRD leg, ‘walking-stick’. Many people at old age walk with the help of a walking stick.

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Walking is by the aid of a walking stick

This article explains the 4-2-3 sequence.

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Four, Two & finally Three

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This is where it starts
Image result for 2
For a long time this remains the case
Image result for 3
This is where it Ends

This already looks like some sequence; well, here it is
4, 2, 3.

Then the question is? which animal’s life time shows this in one of its aspects of development? (please share with friends and find the answer together. Leave your answer below in the comment section. Also try to support your answer with at least a sentence or two. I will be giving my answer soon) Also challenge your smartest friend, and hear how they reason with that.

Bye! Have a nice time.

I think

It is a decision made for us

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it had been made

Have you ever felt like everything just happened and it is so unfair that no one even cares what you think or at least considers your point of view? Well, that must be the case with many of our families. sometimes you look at the situation around you and everything taking course there and you feel like you really don’t belong there. at other times you really feel like, why only you and not your friends? I am sure, you must be feeling like something should be done. It is okay to feel like that but just make sure this ‘something’ is not stupid.

As we grow up or some at an early age, are able to notice everything about our surrounding. Especially when we start making comparizons, and trying to ask yourself why your family is not like those other families you know of. It is at this time that you look at your mama and notice she doesn’t have a full time employment at an office and instead just sells some tea at a kiosk to earn a living. Also, you notice that father doesn’t wake up early everyday to go to some office but instead digs peoples farms to at least make some money for supporting the family. That is even better, for worse is when all the parents are drunkards and don’t even remember they have a family. When it comes to wars and conflicts between the parents, it becomes the worst for you, as it would lead you to wishing that you really never would have existed in the first place to accommodate all that. But, wait! Are wishes not horses? NO! For if they were, then definitely beggars would ride.
I am sure it must be at about the same time that you look at your elder siblings and see how most of them add meaning failure or did drop out of school for reasons better not mentioned. You then start looking at yourself with the same inadequacies and an eye more focused on the negatives than any good

you just wish everything happened your way

When we look around and all we see is failure or mediocrity, we start feeling like ‘I surely don’t belong here’. You ask yourself why mother and father didn’t consult you before having you join the family as their daughter or son. many begrudge their parents for that. IT IS A DECISION MADE FOR YOU. Considering that you can’t reverse it, only makes it worse.

Dear, hear it from me today that our families are our crosses to bare. We can’t escape from it, as the only exit is when we breathe our last. It is not like you had a choice being in that family but you only realized when it all had happened and that you are a member tied with blood. Getting to terms with that fact is going to make things really easy for you. Because once you notice the things going on around in your family and it feels like no one else has noticed them, then it becomes your calling to ignite a change. How? It starts by being the good son or daughter, then follows showing your siblings the way to go, being a good example and working hard to improve the family status. When you get to supporting your parents to keep the family going, then before you realize you will have made your family what you ever wanted it to look like.

Help make things look better. Offer your support

Every child have their purpose in the family. It doesn’t matter whether you are the last or the first born. Key is accepting that, it is your family, embracing that and striving to make it the best at your own capacity.

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Life situation expressed mathematically

Hello, reader! It is great having you read my blog and for a reason or another, it is for you that I keep writing. Thanks for being here!

Two days ago I did post a blog that was more like puzzle and promised to give the answer after two days, that is 72 hours. This blog is to respond to that. Just for those new to my site here is the puzzle;

Me & I + ___________________ = We & Us (complete the expression)

Before I respond, allow me to thank those that made an attempt or at least shared with others.


is SUCCESS or any other word that implies making it in life or whatever one is doing. (Many did not expect that to come). But look at it for a moment it will soon make sense.
We all at a point in our lives been in a situation where everything stops working. A point where misfortunes pay us a visit regularly, when odds go against us and we would wish that the world stops and wait for us with our struggles. If your have been to this situation then you will understand that in many cases you go through all these alone, all by yourself as if you have no friends or sometimes family. The truth is, when suffering knocks, your friends exit, walk out on you and before you know, it is your against the world hence (ME & I)

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when you are all alone and has no one by your side, except suffering and misfortune

I like the way some of us are just so resilient, persistent and enduring. (We should all emulate that). They understand better to keep moving no matter how messed up their lives are. Soon they get themselves back on the lane and the race continues. After some time they are able to meet whatever they have been seeking, (SUCCESS comes their way). It is now that friends come knocking again, seeking accommodation and just enjoy your success. That is it. Many people like associating themselves with success and if you seem to possess even a small bit, you will be the most attractive person they want to be around, hence (WE & US)

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Everyone comes to have a taste the moment you get hold of this cup

Thanks for reading. Hope you are able to walk home with something worth sharing. Please share with friends or just tell a friend to tell a friend.